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Criminal Defense Law

Criminal Matters:

Facing the unknown certainty of possibly losing your rights or personal freedoms is a daunting feeling that no one should go through alone. Here at the Law Office of William H. Poland Jr. we have over 60 years of criminal defense experience. We have represented thousands of clients from minor misdemeanor charges to serious felony matters.

What you should know: every case begins with an initial charge that leads the accused to be formally arraigned. It is imperative to have sound legal representation at the outset of being charged. Having representation that knows how to navigate the court system, negotiate on their client’s behalf and argue the fine-points of the law are the most significant things an attorney can do for their client. After representing a significant number of clients on array of different charges we have the experience and steady know how to provide the desired results our clients expect.


This article is not intended to constitute legal advice as all legal cases are very fact dependent and no attorney-client relationship is conferred upon the reader of this article.

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