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Frequently Asked Questions


  • Am I eligible for bankruptcy?
    Generally, anyone who is insolvent, that is unable to meet their ongoing financial obligations, is eligible to file bankruptcy. Issues such as prior bankruptcy cases, income level and the nature of your debts will determine under what Chapter you are eligible to file. We will discuss those issues in detail at your free initial consultation and decide what approach is most suitable to your situation.
  • Is filing for bankruptcy the right decision for me?
    The decision to file bankruptcy should not be made casually and may not be right for everyone as some kinds of debt are not dischargeable. However, if you have more debt than you can afford, you have lost your driver’s license because you have failed to maintain insurance, your wages are being garnished, you are facing foreclosure, or are being sued for delinquent debts, it is an option you should consider. Filing bankruptcy can stop these actions and provide you with the relief you need for a fresh start and brighter financial futu
  • Will I be able to keep my property?
    Most people are able to retain their homes, vehicles and other assets in a bankruptcy through the state’s exemption laws. Keeping all assets is possible in every Chapter 13 case and and is also possible in over 90% of Chapter 7 cases. Every individual situation is different and bankruptcy laws are complex. It is beneficial to seek professional help at as early a time as is possible to ensure you are getting the protections you deserve. Do not assume that you can work yourself out of your financial dilemma. Without sound legal advice, decisions that may seem logical may, in fact, work to your detriment. Come see us for a free consultation at your earliest opportunity.
  • What do I need to begin filing for bankruptcy?
    There are a number of financial and legal records that should be gathered after deciding to file bankruptcy. Bank statements, recent bills, credit reports, paystubs, verification of other income, and your tax information for the past three years will all be essential to assessing your situation and preparing your bankruptcy petition. We will request those documents when needed, but at your intial interview, please be prepared to provide general information about your income and debts.

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